How To Maintain A UV Water Treatment System

Ultraviolet light can be used as an effective water purification method, and many businesses and individuals are now choosing UV as a reliable means for keeping their water clean and hygienic. These systems can be referred to as UV lamps, UV water purification, UV water filters or UV filter systems.

As mentioned in previous blog articles, UV light systems can provide a range of benefits. Some of the key reasons our clients have UV light systems installed are to: reduce contamination in water; disinfect water safely and quickly; destroy harmful organisms like bacteria and viruses; and reduce silt, sludge and dirt.

Ultimately, UV water treatment is one of the most affordable and simplistic ways to keep your running water as safe and hygienic as possible. Our team highly recommends them for pump systems.

If you are planning on getting a UV purification system installed, it’s important that you understand how to maintain your UV so it continues to operate effectively. Like all water treatment systems, routine maintenance is essential to keep the system working as usual. Naturally, over time, your UV lamp may reduce in intensity, which could mean there is minimal or no filtration impact on the water passing through.

The best way to have your UV filtration system maintained is by having a Sydney pump services team conduct a thorough review of the system every 6-12 months. They will clean and examine all parts within the UV system to ensure everything is operating as anticipated.

Your UV maintenance team may recommend that you have your pre-filters, UV bulbs or UV sleeves changed and replaced every 6-12 months. It’s important that you follow this advice when it is recommended, as failing to replace parts could result in damage to the rest of the system. If not maintained regularly and properly, your UV system might not deliver optimal performance.

Here’s a summary of how to maintain your UV filtration system:

  • Aim to replace your UV lamp annually, or after 9000 hours of continuous use.
  • Have your UV system cleaned and maintained by Sydney pump services
  • Ensure the UV sleeve is being cleaned annually.
  • Have parts changed as recommended by your maintenance team.

How can Enviro Pump help with UV maintenance?

The experienced crew of technicians at Enviro Pump are experts with UV water filter lamps. Our team can supply, install and maintain UV systems. At Enviro Pump, we are committed to providing the best repairs and supply of parts, the fastest response, and 24/7 pump services support for the community as needed.

Our other services include: pump maintenance, pump repair, asset checks, pump supply, pump install, control panel supply, confined space work, back flow and RPZ devices, TMV testing and TMX replacement. For more information about our Sydney pump services, contact our team directly on 1300 141 315.


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