How Frequently Do Pump Systems Need To Be Maintained?

As a Sydney pump services team, we regularly receive enquiries relating to pump maintenance. One of the most common questions we are asked is how frequently pump systems need to be maintained and serviced. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always straightforward.

The frequency at which your pump system needs to be maintained and serviced will depend on what type of pump system you are using. Septic tank systems, for example, need to be pumped out every two to five years to ensure optimal functionality and reduce the likelihood of build up within the tank. Pool pumps, on the other hand, should be maintained by a professional Sydney pump services company at the beginning of every Summer season.

General DIY maintenance can often be conducted between professional services, however this will also depend on the nature of your pump and what sort of materials are pumped through it. Hazardous materials should only ever be handled by a qualified pump team.

If you are unsure about the maintenance of your pump system, you can contact us on 1300 141 315 and we can provide some recommendations based on the specifics of your unique pump. When the Enviro Pump team conducts maintenance on your pump, we will assess a range of key areas and provide advice on the following information:

  • We will check that your pump is in working order
  • We will troubleshoot and identify the cause of any functionality issues
  • We will clean your pump system if appropriate and where possible
  • We will provide a report that details our maintenance work and any implementable advice/comments

What happens if a part needs to be replaced in your pump system?

If you have a pump services team check over your pump system and they recommend that a part is replaced, you will need to discuss the situation with them directly to get their specific advice relating to your circumstances.

At Enviro Pump, we can provide a full and comprehensive service, which means we can personally supply any pump parts and install them for you if required. We understand that the technical details of pump systems may be complex and challenging for you to comprehend if you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of a pump, so we will endeavour to explain the situation in layman’s terms and present a feasible solution for you to accept.

Some of the main reasons our clients choose to work with us are:

  • Affordable pump services Sydney and cost-effective pump parts supply
  • Passion about what we do
  • End-to-end Sydney pump services (including emergency pump repairs, pump maintenance, pump parts supply, UV light systems, TMV testing, back flow testing, pump cleaning, pump installation, asset checks and control panel supply)
  • Fast response to any emergency pump situations
  • Commitment to an enhanced customer service experience

To learn more about Enviro Pump, our Sydney pump services, our team, and what we can do for you, visit our website today. You can also contact us directly on 1300 141 315 to arrange a service or repair of your pump system.


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