Pump Services With over thirty years of experience, operating 24/7 and 365 days of the year, Enviro Group have continued to exceed the expectations and deliver high quality outcomes for Sydney businesses and individuals. Let’s see how we can help you.

Specialist pump repairs and maintenance in Sydney

Pump Services Our fully accredited technicians, plumbers and electricians deliver speciality services in the maintenance, servicing and repair of pump systems, with additional experience in complex divisions, such as working in confined spaces and at heights.

Pump installation, asset checks, emergency repairs, and more

Enviro pump services sydney No matter if it’s a submersible, end suction, pressure or hydraulic system, our knowledgeable team of technicians can help. Our family owned and locally operated business is trusted by strata companies, building managers, plumbing companies and families across Sydney.

Meeting demand for commercial, industrial, and residential


With four vehicles roaming and headquarters conveniently located near Sydney CBD, we can offer an immediate response to the metro area and surrounds.


Our team has more than 30 years of experience providing authentic pump advice – we won’t sell services you don’t need or rush a quote.


It’s our goal to maintain 100% client satisfaction. We’ve built our reputation by diligently serving the community and applying strict attention to detail.


Enviro Pump Services is part of the reputable Enviro Group brand.

Customer satisfaction is our key priority at Enviro Group. Every client has a unique budget and expected outcomes, which is why we will listen to your requests and develop a plan that suits you specifically. One thing’s for sure - you can depend on us.


Services & Solutions

Our team of experienced technicians provide a comprehensive range of pump repair, installation, and maintenance solutions.

Emergency 24/7 Support
When the unthinkable goes wrong in the middle of the night or the weekend, you can rely on us.
After hours pump services
Pump Maintenance & Repair
Quality maintenance will ensure your system is fully-functioning for the long haul.
Sydney pump services
Asset Checks
Understand the value of your business assets with a complete asset check.
Pump Supply & Install
Not only do we have access to endless parts and equipment, but we install them too.
Control Panel Supply
We’ve got the world’s best tools and technology to enable a top-notch system.
Storm water pump
Confined Space & Working At Heights
With confined space and at height accreditations, there’s no job we can’t do.

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Our technicians are passionate about their work and genuinely enjoy visiting commercial, industrial, and residential sites to deliver high quality pump services.

Enviro Pump Services Team

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    Client Testimonials

    Matt and his team at Enviropump are an absolute pleasure to deal with. There response time is excellent, and there high level of services is always, always at a consistent level. When any of Enviropumps techs are onsite they are very thorough with their workmanship and always keep me up to date on their progress/work throughout the day. I would highly recommend Enviropump to anyone and will continue to use them as well as many of my other colleagues will continue to as well.
    Nick Risteski Meriton
    After conducting several interviews with certain companies, Enviro Pump service was by far the clear choice. Enviro Pump services are thorough, industry experts and genuinely passionate about what they do and to top it all off, have fantastic communication and turnaround times. Look no further than Enviro Pump Services.
    Epping Park
    Jake Smirniotis Epping Park
    Enviro Pump Services
    Enviro Pump Services
    Do you have a pump that is in need of replacement ?

    Enviro Pump Services can be your solution.

    Contact Matt on 0497 777 531 or send an email to Matt.d@enviropump.com.au

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    Enviro Pump Services
    Enviro Pump Services
    We work with several aquatic centres in the Sydney area.

    Pump systems are vital in these aquatic centre settings, because if any particular pump fails, the business operations may need to shut down entirely.

    Pictured is a balance tank at an aquatic centre that needed to be pumped out. Our team used Diatomaceous Earth to get the job done successfully.
    Enviro Pump Services
    Enviro Pump Services
    Whatever it is you need, we can source it.

    At Enviro Pump, we have strong relationships with a wide range of top suppliers, so we can acquire the best equipment to suit your needs.

    Pictured below is a new Grundfos cold water pressure pump that was just delivered to our warehouse.
    Enviro Pump Services
    Enviro Pump Services
    Breathe easy... a noisy pump doesn't necessarily warrant a complete replacement job.

    Our crew might offer to change your bearings rather than having the entire motor taken away, as it is often the bearings making the noise.

    Get professional advice from our team and we can offer cost-effective solutions that meet your needs and budget.
    Enviro Pump Services
    Enviro Pump Services
    If you're a business owner, you'll understand how important it is to reduce liabilities…

    RPZ testing is essential to reduce risk, so you may wish to seriously consider it.

    RPZ valves are used to keep contaminated water from getting back in to Sydney Water mains water supply. If you have one already, it will benefit from a check-up by Enviro Pump every twelve months!