benefits of uv in pump system

4 benefits of UV in a pump system

UV globes are becoming more and more common in a range of pump systems, including sewerage, irrigation and stormwater varieties. This form of light filtration is used in both industrial and residential settings, including in household pool pumps and rainwater pumps. But what are the main reasons our clients are requesting UV installation, and is there good reason for you to do so too?

  1. UV reduces contamination in your water.

UV lighting systems are also sometimes referred to as UV disinfectant systems and UV water purifiers. This is because they reduce the levels of contamination in water and keep bacterial strains under control. Many health departments recommend using a form of UV filter for all water pumps, and some other types of pumps, so that all water can be treated effectively.

  1. UV lighting can disinfect water safely and quickly.

One of the major advantages of a UV lighting system is that it works immediately as the water is naturally filtered through. Unlike some other forms of disinfecting and water treatment, it is quick and safe.

  1. UV water treatment destroys harmful organisms, like bacteria and viruses.

UV lighting systems expose risky organisms that may be living in your water. The UV light can produce a germicidal ultraviolet wavelength which disrupts the natural state of the harmful bacteria and ensures it cannot reproduce.

  1. UV filter systems reduce silt, sludge and dirt.

A quality UV globe system in your pump can minimise the build up of gunk in your system. This will help to keep the pump system clean and fully-functioning at all times.


Where do you begin with getting UV installed in your pump system?

If your pump system lacks reliable filtration or appropriate lighting to help with the functioning, quality and maintenance of the system, there has never been a better time to get UV installed.

Generally, it is safest and simplest to have an external electrician or pump specialist to arrange your UV installation. Installation of UV sometimes requires work in confined spaces, work in hazardous environments (such as sewerage) or application of technical electrical knowledge. If you don’t have the correct knowledge and skillset, you may end up damaging the UV globe, damaging the pump system, or putting yourself at risk of injury and harm.

At Enviro Pump Services, we have helped several clients reap the benefits of having UV in their pump system. Our broadly skilled crew of technicians can quickly, safely and reliably install UV to assist with the operations and maintenance of your pump system. In regard to UV works, we can offer:

  • UV installation in your pump system
  • Supply of quality UV globes
  • UV repair or maintenance

To get a free quote, learn more about our Sydney pump services, or arrange a time to meet and discuss UV installation for your system, contact our friendly team on 1300 141 315.


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