What are the hazards

What Are The Hazards When Working In A Confined Space?

A space is generally considered to be ‘confined’ when there are limited openings for entry and exit, and the space is not adequate for human occupancy but large enough to be entered temporarily.

Due to the complexities of working in a confined space, there are a range of unique hazards that can arise for the workers within the space. Some of these risks include:

  • Reduced oxygen levels
  • Risk of fire or flood
  • Reduced quality air due to dust, grain and other air contaminants
  • Potential of noxious fumes and exhaust fumes

Similarly, working at heights presents a unique range of hazards and risks. Some of these include:

  • Potential for falls from significant vertical distance
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Unforeseen hazards due to fragile roofs, sloping roofs, or deteriorating materials

The risks associated with working in confined spaces and at heights can be reduced if the workers take special care to limit hazards, and understand both evacuation and rescue procedures. In both situations, it is important that well-maintained safety gear and equipment is used to protect the working team. Each project that involves a complex work environment should have a plan in place so each worker understands their safety responsibilities and duties.

In Australia, all professionals and tradesmen need to receive specialised training and qualifications to work in both confined spaces and at heights. The training gives the practical experience and knowledge regarding working in these environments, and it ensures they understand the measures that need to be taken to ensure safety.

What should you do when work needs to be conducted in a confined space?

If you need something repaired, replaced or inspected and the task will involve working in a confined space or working at heights, it’s important that you have professionals undertaking the work. Unless you have been trained especially in confined space and heights work, you won’t be aware of the specific processes and safety practices necessary to conduct the project safely and properly, while meeting compliance standards.

The Sydney pump services team at Enviro Pump are qualified and experienced when it comes to working in confined spaces and at heights. Naturally, many pump systems are located underground or in complex environments, so our team regularly carries out work in difficult locations. We are trained and skilled in working on complex industrial sites where confined spaces and heights are contributing factors.

As a company who prioritises safety and wellbeing, we take the upmost care to ensure both our team and our clients are safe while works are being conducted. That’s why the technicians at Enviro Pump Services are trusted by brands and corporations across Sydney. Our extensive portfolio of projects and clients demonstrates that we have the expertise and determination to complete all advanced-level jobs.

To get in touch with the Enviro Pump Sydney team regarding our niche speciality works, pump services, pump repairs, pump parts supply, and emergency pump services Sydney, contact us on 1300 141 315 now.


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