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Why is it important to get an asset check?

An asset check is a detailed and comprehensive list of the assets held by your business. The list generally contains information and data about the assets themselves, plus when maintenance or renewal is required on the assets for the purposes of quality and safety on the worksite. The specific information in your asset checks list will be very dependent on what types of assets you have (mechanical equipment, electrical assets, immaterial assets, etc)

Ultimately, there are a range of reasons why regular asset checks should be conducted at your site or workplace:

  • Attain a clear and detailed list of all the assets your business has
  • Understand the complete value of your business in terms of assets held
  • Have a comprehensive list of business assets to assist with selling the business
  • Understand the condition and state of your assets and whether they require maintenance or servicing
  • Make sensible financial and operational decisions for your business, based on the information you’ve attained about your existing assets
  • Comprehend where equipment and assets could be upgraded or improved to benefit your workflow

Now that you understand the importance and benefits of having an asset check, you might be wondering how frequently an asset checks needs to be completed. At Enviro Pump Services, our team of technicians believe that the appropriate number of asset checks per year will depend on the size and nature of your business.

How many pieces of equipment and how many assets are used in your day to day operations? Do your tools and equipment wear quickly from frequent use? What is the turnover of your business?

These are all questions you may need to ask yourself to understand how often an asset check is needed. Generally, we recommend that most businesses have an asset check completed at least every 12 months. Some larger companies with more working parts may need 6 month or 3 month checks for maintenance.

If you’re unsure how often your asset checks should be completed, chat to our team on 1300 141 315. After asking a few quick questions about your business, we should be able to provide a sensible recommendation.

Where can you get an asset check in Sydney?

Having an asset check completed by an external company will ensure that the check is being conducted in an unbiased manner and by an experienced professional. When searching for an asset check company that can help you with a comprehensive check on your site, there are multiple factors that can influence your decision. You may be swayed by budget restraints, timeframe requirements or company reputation.

At Enviro Pump Services, our experienced team of technicians is glad to offer some of the best quality, most affordable, and fastest asset check services in Sydney. We’re trusted by hundreds of companies to deliver accurate and insightful asset data.

Enviro Pump Services are currently offering a free asset check quote for all Sydney businesses requiring an asset check. As we near the end of the calendar year and many businesses have undergone significant change through the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the pandemic, we believe there is no better time to have an asset check done.

Just contact our friendly team on 1300 141 315 to receive your free asset check quote and learn more about how we can assist you. With our 24/7 services offered 365 days of the year, we’re certain that we can find a suitable and minimally disruptive time to visit your site and proceed with the check.


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