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Everything You Need To Know About Your Pool Pump

As most households would agree, there’s nothing better than a clean and pleasant swim on an extreme weather day. Now that Summer is officially here, many families are beginning to prepare their pools for a season of sunny days and warm temperatures.

In addition to sewer pump, stormwater pump and after hour pumps services, Enviro Pump also offers pool pump maintenance. To ensure you can maximise enjoyment from your pool and keep it safe for your family throughout these hotter months, the technicians at Enviro Pump have answered a few commonly asked questions regarding pool pumps.

  • What is the purpose of a pool pump?

Pool pumps are designed to keep the water inside your pool clean and safe for recreation.

  • What are some indications that your pool pump isn’t working?

If the water in your pool looks cloudy or dirty, even when the pump is running, this is a sign that your pump may not be working effectively. You’ll need assistance from a Sydney pump service.

  • Does a pool pump require maintenance?

Yes – all pump systems require regular checking and maintenance to ensure they can function at optimal conditions. To arrange ongoing and regular pump maintenance services in Sydney, you can touch base with our team today.

  • Where is the best place to get pool pump parts in Sydney?

For pump parts and supply, contact Enviro Pump on 1300 141 315. We have a range of quality parts on hand, so we’re confident that we can provide the part you need.

  • How often do pool pumps need to be replaced?

The longevity of your pool pump will be dependent on what brand and type of pool pump you originally purchased. Some cheaper pool pumps may only last a few years, whereas higher quality options might only need full replacement after 15 years or more. When purchasing a new pool pump for installation, consider the length of warranty given with the pump as this may help to indicate the quality and reliability of the pump itself.

  • Should a pool pump be run around the clock?

For best effectiveness, you should try to run your pool pump as much as possible. If you do choose to run your pool pump during the day and overnight, this may cause the pump to wear quicker and need replacement sooner. With most pumps, it is recommended that you run them for at least 6-8 hours during months when the pool has frequent usage. To get a more accurate answer for your particular pool size and pool pump type, you should ask a pump specialist, after hours pumps services, or contact Enviro Pump for pump service near me.

  • What is the process for replacing a pool pump?

Pool pump replacement and installation requires both electrical and plumbing knowledge. Therefore, it is best to have the works conducted by a professional in the pump industry. If you believe your pool pump may need replacement, contact our pump service team and we can offer a free quote for the pump repairs job. We are available 24/7, 365 days for after hours pumps servicing, so we can visit your property at a time that suits you best.

  • How is a pool pump installed?

Pool pumps need to be installed by a pump specialist because they require electrical connections and plumbing connections to be made.



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