Pump Control Panels Explained

Pump Control Panels: Explained

For most people, the inner workings of their pump system is quite foreign to them. At Enviro Pump, our mission is to deliver high-quality Sydney pump services so you don’t have to worry about the functioning or maintenance of your system. However, it’s also important to us that we can provide quality advice and accurate information to the community so everyone can experience the best from their pump systems.

One of the most important features of a pump system, and one that many people don’t quite understand, is a pump control panel.

What is a pump control panel?

A pump control panel (otherwise known as a pump controller or pump control box) manages the power components that control the pump motor. It permits automatic pump operation, while also monitoring aspects of the pump to ensure all is running smoothly. It has pilot devices for the operator to take control of the pump, and also has sensors to help protect the pump.

Essentially, having a pump control panel enables you to control the pump output easily and instantly, while also be notified of any problems or changes. Some of the functions and options you might see on your control panel include: main power disconnect, manual/auto selector, pressure setpoint, speed selector. You might also be able to monitor: running status, alarm status, speed, and pressure level.

Control panels can be used on range of pump systems, like submersible pumps, circulator pumps and stormwater pumps.

Without a high-quality control panel, monitoring your pump, controlling your pump, and assessing the performance of your pump are much more difficult tasks, if not completely impossible.

Where can you get a pump control panel in Sydney?

Regarding pump control panels specifically, the team at Enviro Pump can directly supply leading-edge control panels that will enhance your system overall. Our range of dependable pump control panels are used by many businesses and individuals across Sydney. For pump control panels within your means and fast service, choose to source your new system from Enviro Pump Services. As well as supplying quality pump control panels, we can provide installation of the system and advice on how to use the tool.

Understanding how pumps work and the different parts that make up a pump can be confusing. Fortunately, there are people who work with pumps every day, and they can do all the hard for you. We’re exactly those people!

At Enviro Pump, we have a diverse team of technicians, plumbers, mechanics and electricians who can handle all the complex workings of your pump. Our pump services are many and varied:

  • Control panel supply and install
  • Emergency 24/7 pump services
  • Pump maintenance and pump repair
  • Asset checks
  • Comprehensive Sydney pump services
  • Confined space work and working at heights
  • Ultraviolet supply and maintenance
  • Back flow, RPZ devices testing
  • TMV testing and replacement

To get a free quote or arrange a time when we can visit your property/site, contact our team on 1300 141 315 or submit an enquiry via our website today. We’re available 24/7, 365 days, so we’ll always pick up the phone!



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