Managing Stormwater in Sydney and Surrounds

Heavy rainfall can highlight the shortcomings of our stormwater systems. With the recent heavy rainfalls across New South Wales, many have found that their stormwater systems unable to cope with the amount of water that needs to drain through them.

This can be an issue for a number of reasons. The most obvious one is because it can result in flooding. In cases of major floodwaters, the issue may be out of one’s hands, but in minor cases, you may be able to take action to limit flood risk.

Storm water overflow can also result in erosion, create a damp home that may develop mould or moisture damage, and potentially result in water contamination. Stormwater picks up oil, chemicals, and similar contaminants before it reaches the drain, and can therefore be damaging and contaminate pure water bodies.

Here is a short and incomplete list of things you can do to protect your property.

Consider your landscaping

This can be easier said than done if you have already selected your home or your business area or other property holding. Hard paving does not allow water to soak into the ground and can therefore increase flood risk. Porous surfaces can reduce this risk to a degree. Swales or drainage channels may also be used to help direct the flow of water to low-lying areas that are porous or to drains.

Clear your gutters and your pits

A build up of leaf litter and other gunk in your home’s drains can result in water not going out of the intended drainage. Instead, there is a risk it will pool in the wrong areas and pose a threat to either the home or your garden, or that it will result simply in high water levels that make an area dangerous or hard to use.

Similarly, if your storm water pits are clogged, then it will be harder for water to flow through them, which may result in them overflowing and not being able to take in any more water. It is therefore important to clean them regularly. However, this is something that may be unpleasant or risky for the everyday person, particularly if the pits are large. A storm water specialist can help to install an appropriate lid for the pit and to undertake a stormwater pit clean.

Take advantage of a stormwater pump

If your property is particularly prone to stormwater build-up, then you may wish to consider having a storm water pump installed. These are often used in a commercial or municipal setting but can also be useful for residential settings. They help to direct water in the intended direction and are especially useful when gravity is unable to complete the job, or when water is able to build up below the drainage point.

If water levels are high, you can also call out a pump service such as Enviro Pump, who can drain the water away and help to restore normality. Our Sydney pump service can also assist with your after hours pump needs, pump maintenance, sewer pumps, and pump repairs. You can contact our pump service near me on 1300 141 315 or


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