TMV Testing Work

How Does TMV Testing Work?

One of the many pump services Sydney offered by the Enviro Pump crew is TMV testing and replacement.

TMV refers to a thermostatic mixing valve. Essentially, it is a valve that blends hot water and cold water to ensure water is coming out at a safe temperature. It prevents scalding by only distributing water that is at a temperature below 50 degrees. In many plumbing and pump systems, water is stored at temperatures hot enough to kill germs and bacteria, so a TMV is essential to reduce the heat of the water when it comes out of the tap.

TMVs can often be found in nursing homes, childhood centres, toilet blocks, shopping centres, hospitals, and anywhere else where young, aged, sick or people living with a disability may be.

Why is TMV testing necessary?

Any business or facility that has a TMV installed must have the valve tested and maintained regularly. According to Australian standards, TMVs need to be tested by a qualified TMV licence holder every year. It is mandatory and must only be completed by a plumber qualified to do so.

The purpose of TMV testing is to ensure the valve is still working as desired and doesn’t pose a risk to people using the tap or system. The test involves a number of processes, including measuring the water temperature and isolating the cold water supply, to determine whether the hot and cold water are being successfully mixed.

There are several factors that may influence your TMV to not function correctly. These could include a faulty, old or worn valve. If there is an issue, it’s important that your plumber works to provide a solution so your system can still be rendered safe for use.

The Enviro Pump team are qualified to conduct annual TMV testing. We provide an affordable and reliable service for businesses across Sydney who need regular testing. If testing shows there is an issue with the valve, our team will source the appropriate parts to repair the system.

We will provide a record of testing in accordance with all relevant Australian standards.

At Enviro Pump, we offer a broad range of pump services Sydney. In addition to TMV testing and replacement, some of our other pump services include:

  • Emergency pump support (24/7 service)
  • Pump maintenance
  • Pump repairs
  • Asset checks
  • Pump part supply and install
  • Control panel supply and install
  • Confined space and working at heights
  • Ultraviolet supply and maintenance
  • Back flow, RPZ devices

To get in touch with our team and learn more about our Sydney pump services, visit the Enviro Pump website or contact us on 1300 141 315. We look forward to working with you.

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