5 Steps to Troubleshooting a Pump Failure

When something goes wrong with your pump, it can be tricky to identify what the cause is. Pump systems are often quite complex and technical, meaning there is a wide range of reasons that your pump may not be working. However, there are some common causes of pump faults and failures.

Our crew works on Sydney pump repairs every day, so we know some of the most common and regular issues that occur in relation to pumps. Common causes of pump failure include:

  1. Seal leakage (could be caused by misalignment of seal rings or fault at the interface of two seals)
  2. General wear and tear (which could result from a lack of maintenance to your system or simply the age of your system)
  3. Issues with bearings (such as overheating or poor lubrication)
  4. Issues with coupling (such as overheating or poor lubrication)
  5. Wrong pump system (wrong size pump or if you have chosen a pump that doesn’t suit its intended function and purpose)

It’s obviously ideal to track and identify faults before they start causing serious issues. If you notice anything abnormal with your pump system, such as changes to noise, temperature, or vibrations, you should investigate as soon as possible. You can also notify the Enviro Pump team and have our experts investigate the issue.

If you ever experience your pump stopping and starting randomly, failure to turn on or changes in pressure, it’s vital that you get to the bottom of the issue before there is a complete malfunction of the system.

The best approach to minimise the risk of any of the above issues occurring is to get your pump systems regularly maintained, cleaned, and checked by our system pump service teams. Pump maintenance is vital to ensure no serious problems occur. Investing in the ongoing maintenance of your pumps can help to safeguard your business continuity and avoid any breakdowns in the future.

How Enviro Pump Services can help

Although pump systems may be an essential part of your business or organisation, you might not be an expert in troubleshooting pump faults. In most cases, the best approach when you notice an issue with your pump is to contact your local pump specialists to diagnose the problem.

Our experienced Enviro Pump Services team provides a wide range of pump services, so we can assist you regardless of what problem you are experiencing. Our services include:

  • Pump maintenance
  • Pump repairs
  • Pump replacement
  • After hours pumps and emergency repairs
  • Pump parts supply
  • Asset checks
  • Pump installation
  • Confined space work and working at heights
  • Control panel supply
  • Ultraviolet supply and maintenance
  • Back flow, RPZ devices and testing
  • TMV testing and replacement.

No matter what you need help with, reach out to the Enviro Pump crew and we would be more than happy to provide advice and assistance. When looking for a pump service near me, look no further than Enviro Pump Services. To learn more about our services, you can visit our website or contact our team directly.


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